Monday, December 1

The List (1/143)

So there was this thing going around last January. You make of list of 101 things you'd like to do in the next 1001 days. Like a super-resolution. It sounded cool so I started my list, got to 60 or so, and said eh. I'm not good with commitment (except for you, Pookie) or deadlines. If I can't handle one resolution, what makes me think I can handle 101??

And that was that. Until a few days ago when I got bored (but not at work, never!) and saw the saved Google Doc with my list. I opened it up and for the heck of it started re-arranging and editing and adding a few things. I got to thinking maybe I'm in a better place for this sorta thing now. January 1, I'll give it a go. I edited my list for a couple more days and then decided that there is no time like the present and if I wait till January I'll just lose steam and quit again.

Today, December 1, 2008 is the day. Wanna see THE LIST

Things I've started working on are bold and (eventually) things I've finished will be crossed out.

One of my goals is to post at least once a week (I like a challenge), so hopefully Monday will become list day and I can highlight an item or two that I'm working on.

84. Read to Junior everyday, 51 free passes (1/950)
It is so hard for me to make time to read to Junior everyday. I know it is so good for him, but he resists (it requires at least something resembling stillness, not his strong suit) and I am just so tired after working all day blah blah blah. No more excuses!!! Tonight we read a nice simple board book Toys (tried to link to Amazon, don't bother searching on there for "toys") with colorful pictures of toys. Junior really liked it!! I got almost all the way through before he wanted to flip pages. After we were done he walked away with it and paged through it a few times alone. He didn't even try to eat it for a couple minutes. I'm so glad I started this!!


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