Tuesday, December 23

The List (3/143): Past Due

A quick post to say, "Gaaaah, I'm behind!" The list has been pushed to the side a bit this past week. I guess the holidays will do that. I'm behind on a few of my weekly tasks (for instance, this post should have gone out by Sunday...)

But I'm not giving up. To err is human and all that. I will just have to play a little catch up. The List must go on.

In other news, I'm also behind on Christmas knitting. So I said I'd knit Junior, Jaime and myself stockings this year. Welllll, I finished mine and started Jaime's. I just don't have it in me to stress and force myself to try and fit in another before Christmas. Junior won't know the difference, right? So now I just have to finish Jaime's. Heh.


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