Tuesday, November 8

Learning Curve

That's what I'm facing right now, a learning curve. And I'm not used to it. I am usually a pretty quick learner, like with knitting. I picked that up and I was off. But this spinning thing, not so easy. I LOVE the spinning, LOVE IT! But then I get going too fast, and the drop spindle drops. EEK! Now I have to grab it up before everything undoes itself completely and try to re-attach the roving. I officially SUCK at this. I think it's partly due to the fact that unlike the cute chubby yarn I've seen most new spinners make, I tend more towards the thread end of the spectrum. So then I put the spinning away before I must throw it out the window. And it sits. For like weeks. That's where we were this morning when I decided to give it another shot. After a few tries I got it started again (THANK GOD) and was off. Yaay. I'm still not so much even, but I love my spinning yet again. And the joining thing gets easier, right??

Here's the little bit I spun up this morning.

The plan is that eventually I will get through all of this bluey stuff that I have and then I will ply it with some plain white goodness. That is, once I figure out how the hell to ply on a drop spindle... I did it on the wheel in my class, too bad I don't have a wheel huh?

Here are some pictures of the knitting that I'm working on, finally. I'll even be updating my sidebar...soon.

This is the cabley baby sweater.

The knitting part is done and actually I've seamed up one side since this picture was taken. This is my first attempt at real seaming, as opposed to the crappy seams that have been showcased (or rather, hidden on the back) on my previous projects. I get the instructions from ever encouraging Lauren who said that if I can kitchener I can seam. Who knew?

And this is the new pair of socks I've started. I'm on the endless stockinette part.

These are the brightest socks I've ever seen, but they're growing on me for sure. Jaime picked out the yarn and kept bugging me to knit them, so here they are. And on a side note, after seeing me knitting and loving his choice in sock yarn, I convinced him to buy me yarn for Christmas!! And even more surprisingly, he's excited about it. "So I can buy anything?" he asked. I gave a few basic guidelines (how many balls of this or that I need for a pair of socks, no baby poop green, etc.) but other than that I'm open. I'll let you know how he does.


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