Sunday, September 19

First LYS purchase

I finally got my birthday money and of course my first stop was knitting related. After spending time with my parents the LYS waas closed so I went to Michael's to hold me over till today. There I bought one more skein of homespun to finish my poncho, some fun fur in blue and green multi for another fun scarf for me, and some red chenille for a scarf for my mom. Today I made it to the LYS (with my amazingly patient bf, quote:"They need a sign saying to check your testicles at the door.") and spent a good $80 on some black yarn for mittens, and some other fun yarns for scarves and ponchos.

In some sad news, I finally got to change skeins on my poncho (always exciting to me) and after 5 rows or so I noticed that there's a slight difference in the colors. I checked the dye lot and everything! :( Jaime says it's not noticeable, but it sure is annoying. Grrr. On a good note, I've got over 20"


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