Tuesday, September 14

My newest obsession

As usual, I have turned away from my other hobbies for the time being to focus on my new love, knitting. So far I've finished 2 scarves (though one was hideous and I started like 7 years ago) and one hat (which still needs to be felted). I'm working on a simple pot holder for Jaime (the bf), but it isn't that interesting so I've set it aside for my baby, my poncho. This is going to be the yummiest poncho ever. It's super simple (free pattern http://fuzzygalore.biz/patterns/spiky.shtml), but it looks like it might take a while. I'm using Homespun yarn from Lion and it's so nice. It's kinda an oatmeal color. I've been working on it for two days and it's only 10" (out of over 50"). Just means I can enjoy it for a while longer.

I do need to get back into cross-stitching though. Jaime bet me $100 that I couldn't finish this like 13" x 20" picture I started at least 7 years ago. I have till the first of the year and I don't know if I can make it. I'd love the money though :)


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