Tuesday, October 26


How's it going? There are some ups, and some downs. My x-stitch is going SUPER well. I've gotten a ton done and am actually getting back into it. Yaay me and my boyfriend-beating self! Beating as in bet winning, not like physically abusing, though he might disagree lol. Of course that comes at a cost, and the price is my mittens. They haven't seen much action the past few days. Poor mittens :( And then there's the fun fur scarf. It was about a foot of scarf, but it's a scarf no more. I decided to knit in the car on the way to Johnson County to see my dad. Great idea! I loved it (although it took a minute to figure out what to do with my not-center-pull ball of yarn). When we got there I wrapped the ball of yarn in the scarf and stuck the other needle through it to keep everything together. Another great idea or so I thought. So I get back in the car after a great dinner at Olive Garden (mmmmm, fettucine alfredo) and go to yank out the spare needle. Of course I don't do that do I? I pull out the needle with the stitches on it. Arrrg! And I really tried to pick up stitches, right at the top, further down, ripping down and then trying there. It just didn't work with the stupid novetly yarn. So today I took a few minutes and ripped the whole thing and rewound the ball. I'm actually sorta glad, cause I don't want to have too many projects going and I'm dying to try this other scarf. It's gonna be some pink novelty yarn with white wool. I love pink! So I guess it'll all end well...


  1. Howdy! Isn't fun fur FUN to unravel??? I did that one too and about screamed. There's supposed to be one way to insert a much smaller needle through an entire row a few rows below the unraveled top and then undo down to there, but I gave up on mine & frogged the whole thing.

    Whatcha gonna do with the white & pink yarn for a scarf? regular knit stitch? or something else? I need some inspiration as I'm getting tired of garter stitches with novelty yarns for my xmas presents. :)
    --Knitting Virgin Christine :)

  2. Unfortunately I'm not going to be much inspiration here. I'm using squiggle (tried knitting it alone, but it was HARD) and I tried doing a regular stockinette because I prefer it to garter, but all the fun squiggles ended up on the "wrong" side. So I decided to go for it in plain garter. At least it's completely mindless. And it looks really pretty so far :)I want a nice scarf pattern too...

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  4. I've thought of trying the squiggle yarn! You've been shopping at the Yarn Barn, haven't you??? I need to get to Lawrence sometime after payday to treat myself too!

    The wierd thing is most of the novelty yarns work so much better in garter stitch. Boring, but somehow they fluff better that way. Hope it turns out cute!

    We're going to be starting our tank top knit along next week sometime! Should be fun!

  5. Me, at Yarn Barn, why of course not! HEHE Once I get some more money (and have gotten my ribbon yarn, can't wait to start the kal) I'll be there again. We should get together and knit sometime. I havn't met any knitters in person.