Wednesday, October 13

Another FO

One more project down. I finished my mom's scarf tonight. No more red fuzzies!!! I really hope it isn't like that forever, but it seemed like once it got the fuzzies out of its system, it was ok. Now it just has to sit around and wait for Christmas.

So what's my next project? I have no idea! Money's still tight (what else is new), so big projects are out. Tomorrow I'm returning some yarn that I bought in the wrong weight so I'll at least be able to get something to work on. I need to branch out from my scarf-fest, but they're cheap and easy. I've gotten into reading again the past few days since I don't feel guilty about ignoring my school work, so I may not start anything for a few days. I might even go back to the cross-stitch, if I can find it...


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