Sunday, October 3

Yaaay Me!

Woohoo! I finally finished my poncho. And it is just a perfect as I had hoped. I finished the actual knitting Saturday night. I didn't think I'd ever get it done; every time I tried it on in front of the mirror, it needed "just a couple more inches." Finally I just said enough. Luckily it worked out perfectly. This morning I finished seaming it up and hiding all those little ends. I'm so proud of myself!

Since I suddenly had an opening for a new project (I'm trying to keep it to 2 knitting projects at once) I immediately started on a scarf for my mom. Of course I made it too wide as usual (a bad habit of mine is to make scarves too wide) so I turned it into a pot holder for Jaime. It's kinda sheddy (made of lion brand chenille), but it's pretty nice. So I've finished two projects this weekend over all. Pretty cool!!


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