Tuesday, November 23

Shame On Me

Alright, alright. I know its been a week. But now I'm officially on Thanksgiving Break so I should get back on track with the important things in life. You know, knitting, blogging, reading, catching up on AMC with some tasty cherry vodka :)

I finished Jaime's hat in like two days. I was so excited for him to have something to wear that I made. It came out pretty good, a little big but with an extra cuff it fits fine. His head is really wide but not very tall so going by a regular pattern is a challenge lol. He keeps saying he looks like a thug in it. He opens at the Sonic he works at and this morning he said he was afraid a cop would drive by and think he was breaking in hehe. Hope my knitting doesn't get him in trouble... Now I'm on to making my first Sophie (I say first cause I feel there will be many more to come). I'm in love! It's out of this super cool, totally soft (and pretty cheap) hot pink wool from Elann. I need to order more so I can have one to match all my favorite outfits. I feel an obsession coming on. I'm about 1/5 of the way through it. I'm hoping to finish it by Friday when I'm going to my mom's to felt a hat I made forever ago. I can have a felting party!! My mitten is slowly sprouting fingers, only two more and the flap to go. My poor Squiggle scarf is being ignored, and we won't discuss the ribbon tank. So there's a looong knitting update.

I'm so happy to have a few days to do NOTHING. Can't wait for Turkey Day either. Me and Jaime (well mostly Jaime, I'm making the stuffing and he's taking care of everything else) are making our own dinner in our teensy appartment and eating alone. It should be fun; I'm really only in it for the pecan pie and the stuffing. I've already nearly finished my first half gallon of egg-nog. The stuff is heaven!!! Well, nothing else exciting to report so I'll sign off for now :)


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