Thursday, November 25

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have fully stuffed myself, napped some of it off, and stuffed myself some more. While Jaime watches the extra special Thanksgiving edition of Smackdown I thought I'd present the 2004 edition of "What I'm Thankful For".

1. I'm thankful for my family. My parents are so supportive of me, even if they can overdo it at times. They would do anything that they thought was in my best interests. The rest of my family is great too. They are all so proud of me and everything I do.

2. I'm thankful for my sweetie, Jaime. We don't always get along and we make each other completely nuts sometimes, but he's the best. He cares about me and worries about me. He cheers me up and keeps me sane. He tells me when I'm over-thinking something. He's a good man. And while he may not always show it, he would do anything in the world to make me happy or protect me.

3. I'm thankful for stuffing and pecan pie. God they're good!

4. I'm thankful for my scholarship. There's no way that my parents could afford even a state school like KU. I would hate to get out of school and have even more debt than I already will (thanks credit card companies). I'm so lucky that I happen to be good at taking tests and that KU gives full rides for that. God bless the living stipend!!

5. I'm thankful for my knitting, books, cross-stitches, etc. They keep me sane and allow me to turn off the f*ing tv every one in a while.

6. I'm thankful for my music. There's nothing like singing at the top of my lungs to one of my favorite songs. Music can fit my mood or snap me out of it.

7. I'm thankful for my car. Thanks Poppa! I love my car and being able to go where I want to. I love that I got a Neon like I'd always wanted. I love that it was at one point brand new and that I can still remember that point. It isn't quite as new anymore, but it's more than a lot of people have and I'm glad for it.

8. I'm thankful for my computer and the internet. Thanks again Poppa! I love having a laptop that doesn't take up much space as we don't have much space. It's great being able to sit on the couch and watch tv while blogging. Without the internet I wouldn't have met some of my best friends ever including Jaime.

9. I'm thankful for our apartment. It's tiny and not nearly big enough for two big people like us, but it's home. I love having a place of my (our) own to come home to every night. A place I can walk around naked if I want, can make a mess if I want, can do anything that I please. I love sharing my space with Jaime. I also love that he cleans so I don't really have to :)

10. I'm thankful for All My Children. I know it's stupid, and I shouldn't watch such crap, but I love it! It makes my problems seem like nothing. For for the love of God give Bianca back her baby!!!

11. I'm thankful it's basketball season. Rock Chalk Jayhawk Go KU!!!

Of course these are in no specific order and I know that I have about a million other things to be thankful for, but I won't bore you. Basically, I'm completely fortunate to have the life that I have. Everyone that I love is healthy and for the most part happy. We all have enough money to get by on, even if we are always wishing for more. I wish that everyone out there could say the same. Happy Thanksgiving!


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