Monday, November 15

Good Mail Day!!

Today I got my order from . Ahh, there's nothing like a box of yarn to brighten a dark cloudy day. I got some dark gray to start my folly, some hot pink for a sophie bag, and some brown and blue to make a scarf/hat/maybe mitten set. I can't wait! Over the weekend I went to Michael's and got some plain old black wool (wool ease to be precise) to make Jaime a hat as well as some stuff to make some earrings. I soo love them; wish I had a digital camera to show you some pics. If anyone wants to donate to the "Vicki desperately needs a camera" fund, email me :)

After spending nearly all of the $200 my daddy gave me Saturday (Jaime needed some video games) I decided not to spend all day yesterday studying for my behavior class, but to go to the movies instead! Movies are way cooler than studying. So we drove 40 minutes to our fave theater (one where I can add my own butter and we can fold up the arm rests and take up four seats) and saw...Saw. It was crazy good! I was pretty scary, I was hiding in Jaime's arm most of the time. So anyway, at this exact moment, I should be finishing said ignored test, but instead I'm in my jammies watching AMC. I'm such a bad person!


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