Wednesday, February 23


So now that I have this beautiful camera (which I love more everyday) I feel like I shouldn't post until I have some really clever pictures to show you. I have quite a few in mind; new projects, old projects, convincing Jaime to model said projects. Fun stuff! But I never seem to find the "right time" for the photo shoot. So I don't take pictures and don't blog. Whow knew all this could be so complicated? So for now, no pictures. Just some boring updates. But a promise to get some pictures up really soon :)

I finally finished Jaime enormous sock last night. I haven't done all that stupid weaving yet, but it's still "done". He really likes it, though he might just be being nice. They're a bit big (so maybe his foot isn't quite that big...) but he does like really loose socks so it'll work. And I promised him that his second pair will fit a bit better (have to make the second sock of this pair equally big so they match). I'm still pretty pleased. I can't decide whether I like short row heel or heel flap heel better. Or whether I like toe up or cuff down better. I think I'd prefer cuff down if I could get that whole kitchener thing to work for me. I told Jaime he'd have to wait for a while for sock #2, cause I just can't do more boring grey big sock right now. Maybe sometime this year...

I also got really bored with the 3 scarves I've started, so I put them aside and started a Big Sophie (that is, a Sophie that I modified to be a bit bigger as my first didn't quite hold all my feminine stuff). It's in a really pretty Cascade 220 which I've never used but am now in love with. It isn't the kind of soft that I normally would go for, but it is soft in its own fun happy way. My yarn experience is pretty limited, so if I'm amazed for no reason, just let me be ignorant and happy :)

School has been crazy as usual. Two big tests this week, two tests next week, a big paper coming up, partner project due next week. It never ends. I'm counting down the days to spring break. I sooo can't wait for spring break. I'm going to sleep and knit and watch daytime tv and knit. I'm going to stay in pjs for days. I think I'm drooling. It sseems like it'll be forever till then, but time goes so fast lately. This semester is almost over. I'm almost technically a senior. I'm only 2 years from graduating. Oh god I don't want to be in the real world! Sorry, tangent. Well, off to my hw :)


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