Tuesday, February 1

So I'm a day late. I've been busy. I swear I did hw all weekend (well, I did some hw then took a break and repeated, that counts). So here's our story,l feel free to ignore it I won't be offended. :)

So four years ago I was still trying to get over my last bf. He decided he should date other people and I broke up with him cause I couldn't handle that. This particular night I was actually talking to one of my guy friend trying to figure out how to get him back and considering letting him date other people. I had self-esteem issues then (can you tell?). I was in a chat room on Yahoo (something about sweet girls, cheesy I know) and just wanted someone to talk to. Jaime (or vegeta_98) messaged me and asked how I was feeling and I said "Lonely." He still says that this was what really drew him to me, how honest I was. We started talking and just completely hit it off. By the end of that night we knew that we would be together. Of course he lived in CT and I lived in KS. We spent a few days staying up till 2 AM talking online (and that's 3 his time when he had to get up at like 5). We started talking on the phone (I don't even want to think about how much Jaime spent/owes in phone charges). I fall hard and fast and it wasn't but a month or so that we were making plans for the future.

In March (he still knows the exact date but I'm not that good) he drove 20 hours or so to visit me on my spring break. It was amazing! By the end of that trip we knew it was forever and he had bought me a diamond promise ring (later while at work the diamond got knocked out so now I have no ring). When I whine now that I want to get engaged and want another ring he always reminds me that he wanted to get engaged then, but I was only 16 and my parents didn't know about him. He was 20 and they would have flipped. He went back to CT after a couple weeks but we couldn't stay apart for long. He saved up some money and moved here in June.

He stayed here till the beginning of December but he hadn't found a good job and had to go back. He saved up more money and came back again in March. That summer, a few months before I turned 18, I moved in with him. I graduated early in December of the next year and after the lease was up we went to CT to stay with his family for a few months till I started college. I came back a few months early for oreintation and everything, but he soon followed. I officially had a dorm room that year, but I only spent two nights in it the whole year.

So here we are. It's been four year, and we've been though A LOT. We've spent a lot of time apart, which will never happen again. We've had lots of bad days and fights. We've had some amazing moments too. I love you pookie!


  1. How cute :) Funny how so many poeple are brought together by the internet these days...

  2. Anonymous7:55 AM

    Congrats to the both of you! What a sweet story... and it sounds like you can look forward to much of the same in the future. Lucky girl. :)