Thursday, April 21


Well, I made it through the interview today. I think it went really well, I hope. I was interviewed by the girl in the position now, and her boss, and they were both so sweet it's hard to tell whether they liked me or were just being nice. All in all I think that I answered most of the questions really well. I was nervous, but I tried to keep cool. So they said that in 2-3 days (meaning sometime next week) they'll decide who's getting a second interview and call us. A second interview?? Sakes! This is way too nerve racking, but I guess I should get used to it. I'm sure once I graduate this is what I'll have to go through OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

I completely forgot to tell you about the movie. It was amazing! It was sorta long which worried me a little, but it didn't seem that long at all. I really don't remember ever being bored. I was a little surprised that it kept going after the big death of Hitler scene, but it was a good thing. Jaime said that we'll definitely have to buy it after it comes out. We had a great time going out too. And I got some tasty theater popcorn. All in all, two thumbs up :)

Picked up some stuff at the yarn store today. I'll have to get some pics of all my recent purchases so I can show off. I think once I get the right needles (hopefully the weekend) I'll be making Shapely Tee and Soleil. My first real sweaters (ok, they're not long sleeve, but they count).


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