Wednesday, April 20

What To Talk About?

Hmm, nothing much exciting here. I survived a test and a project. I have a pretty major paper due next week, but that's for worrying about next week (ahh procrastination). Tomorrow I don't have class till 2 and I'm excited for some sleeping time, and maybe even some knitting. The knitting isn't so exciting over here. I've finally started the gusset increases on Jaime's sock. At least now there's some shaping to focus on rather than the miles of stockinette. I got some more beading stuff and finished up a bunch more stitch markers. So no more cheapy plastic ones on my pretty clapotis. I've actually gotten some time to read between classes and I'm nearly done with The Reptile Room. It isn't an amazing or deep book, but it's pretty fun and a fairly quick read (assuming you every once in a while find time to read). Tuesday I got a call from someone in my past, and there was a very awkward and quiet night in our apt, but we've talked and things are better than over. I hate reminders of the past.

There is one thing I'd like to ask of my wonderful readers. Someone emailed me saying that they're having a hard time reading my blog because of the background. After talking to her I'm wondering if the problem is me or Netscape (her browser). Right now my posts should all be on a plain white background and my sidebar is directly on the background with a border around it. Is that how you see it? Is the sidebar difficult to read against the background? I'd really like to make my site as pleasant as possible, but I don't know what I can do it the problem is just on Netscape... Let me know :)


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