Saturday, October 28

Socktoberfest Parade

Remember in elementary school when everyone put on their Halloween costumes an hour before school got out and paraded through the school and playground? This is sort of like that. But with socks. And less cupcakes.

These are my most recent pair of socks. They're the famous (or infamous depending on who you are) Jaywalkers. I've loved this pattern forever, but got a little worried when bloggers were saying that they don't have much stretch. I have thick ankles, no stretch is no good. So I made them from a nice stretchy yarn (Fixation) and made them shorter so as not to cut off circulation to my ginormous calves. I ADORE them!

Next comes another pair for Jaime. He never really wears the other socks I made him (he claims they're too nice to wear...) but I can't blame him cause they are pretty big. But after seeing the thicker socks I made for my mom and dad he had to have some. These fit much better and he loves them. His feet were occupied at time of post. Now will he wear them?

With the leftovers from Jaime's socks I couldn't help making these cute little sockies. They also used up some of my leftover fun fur. I knew keeping all that crap would come in handy someday. These socks are destined to warm some Mongolian toes through the Dulaan Project.

Last and somewhat least is my not exactly socklike, but still foot related, effort. I love love love these things. I sorta funked up the bottom, but they are so comfy. And super cute in my fave color.

As always, more details can be found on my project page (link on left side). And you can click on the pictures to see a bigger version, but I will warn you that no shaving was involved in the taking of these pictures.

Coming soon, my new project and life updates. Have a great weekend!


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