Thursday, November 8

Day 8

Although I still have a fair number of projects in various states of not-quite-done*, I have become pretty monogamous with my knitting. I don't have the time or brain power for more than one project at once! So what am I working on now?

My main project is a sock for Sockdown: Ravelry. I decided a couple months ago that my life wasn't crazy enough, and I should try to knit a pair of socks a month. Of course, the prizes don't hurt. I'm knitting my first sock from Sensational Socks and so far I'm loving it. I apparently have unusually wide feet, so it is nice to be able to adjust for that easily. I actually left my sock, or more accurately toe, in progress at work, hopefully I can get some pictures soon.

Another thing I'm working on every great once in a while is Junior's Trellis. I LOVE this sweater, but HATE seaming. So once a week or so I pick it up and sew up a seam. I'm going to have to pick up the pace though, as he's probably pretty darn close to fitting into it.

Annnnd since I left my sock at work, I think I'm about to cast on for the famous My So-Called Scarf. I've wanted one for so long...

Daily baby pic
Little Boy
taken today

*Yeah, I've given up on the sidebar for now. And I've even become too lazy to link. I'm really just holding out for the Ravelry sidebar.....


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