Thursday, November 1


So here we are, at the first post for National Blog Post Month (NaBloPoM0) in which I attempt to post every single day for a whole month. Yeah, I'm a joiner. I figured that a month of posts might get me back on track here. Or bore us all to death, we'll see.

Today was a really good day. Jaime was FINALLY able to bring Junior to my job to show off. Of course everyone loved him :) Actually, he got the best compliment to date. A man at my job said that Junior looks really smart (and then added "like his mother," which I didn't mind hehe). Everyone says how cute he is, and of course I agree. But most babies are. It just meant a lot that someone saw something else. I guess I've always been more about brains than looks.

Yesterday my new-mom buddy in the office stopped by to show off her sweet little girl. She'll be returning to work next week, so I've gone into overdrive trying to knit something sweet for her. She made it to my shower and gave me a great gift, but Junior was really new when she had her shower so I missed it. So now I get to make it up. I'm making a soft yellow bonnet, Miss Dashwood. So far, I'm only on the picot cast-on.

Picots Of Miss Dashwood

Better get back to knitting!


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