Wednesday, September 16

Show And Tell

I know, finally right? Admittedly I probably wouldn't even be here now except My arm is a little sore from the knitting with big needles (US 10.5, pretty big compared to the 1.5's I've been using recently). So rather than cause permanent damage I decided to take a night off. Which sort of stinks cause I am really close to FINALLY finishing this damn scarf, but more on that next time.

This post is my photo tour of the past...little while, sock style. It's been all socks all the time around here for a while.*


The Double Eyelet Rib Socks from Wendy Johnson in Seacoast Panda "Surf," finished 9/13/09. These are my re-entry into the SKA universe. With all that had been going on, I hadn't been participating in their monthly sock challenges much (or at least not finishing much), but life is getting a little more normal (hahaha) so I decided to jump back in. I wasn't sure how the pattern and the yarn would get along, but I think it works.

Funny story. Jaime saw me knitting these socks and kept saying how it seemed like I had knit them before. I had no idea what he was talking about! Until a couple days ago I remember this little number:

Aunt Socks

The socks I knit for my aunt over two years ago. Not quite the same, but still earns him big points. I'm glad he can remember...

CIMG0246 CIMG0243

Here we have the Dog Days Socks by Kristi Schueler in Madelinetosh Tosh Sock "Beach Towel," finished 8/27/09. This sock is brought to you by the June 2008 Woolgirl Sock Club shipment. I know the club was exclusive and all, but I can't believe more people haven't knit this pattern. I loved it! The construction was so different it really kept me interested the whole time.


Next up are my Glinda Socks by Bethany Whitney in Madelintosh Tosh Sock "Glinda the Good Witch," finished 7/5/09. The socks came in one of the Oz kits from Woolgirl and is part of my goal to finish all of the sock kits I have around here. Um, ok. I LOVE these socks!!! The color couldn't be more me. I seem to be a fan of the yarn. The pattern seemed to take forever (lots of teeny cables without a needle with teeny stitches and teeny needles), but it looks fab. Yaay!

YOC Socks

We're really traveling back in time now. These are the Yarn Over Cable socks by Charlene Schurch in Rowan 4 Ply Soft color 378, finished 3/23/09. These socks seemed to take forever too. I like the pattern, but it wasn't that interesting and didn't even have fun yarn to help keep me into it. They turned out pretty well, and then they felted a bit in the wash. I can get them on but they're a bit snug now. These socks convinced me to start hand-washing and air drying my socks...for a couple weeks until I got lazy.

Cloning Anemone Sock One

Last but not least, my first pair of socks this year. Cloning Anemone by "Team Blue Moon" in Socks That Rock Lightweight "Tide Pooling," finished 1/5/09. I am so upset over these socks I can hardly even talk about it. I made them, I loved them (PERFECT patter, GORGEOUS yarn), I wore them once maybe twice. And then I lost one of them!!! I figured it got lost at the bottom of my old closet (it was a scary closet), thought it would turn up in the move. Months later and still no sock. Makes me want to cry a little.

So, I think we're caught up now. I owe you a spinning post in the near future. Until then!

*99.9% of the links are from Ravelry. But for reals everyone is already there, right?!?


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