Thursday, October 21

A New Friend!

Why does school have to be so demanding and get in the way of my crafting?!? Grrr. Hasn't been much getting done the past few days due to responsibilities and pure exhaustion. In good news, the mysterious missing x-stitch reappeared Monday. Of course that's after we spent all day cleaning out the closet because I swore that was the only place it could be (it was under the couch, *shrugs*). The contents of our closet literally took up our entire apartment, how sad is that? So now the bf is getting WAYYY too cocky about our bet, so I must finish the x-stitch by New Years.

My mittens are finally starting to come along. I finally got past the 4th row without dropping multiple miniscule stitches or otherwise screwing up. I even was able to rescue a couple stitches that I did drop (it required 2 extra dps and a ballpoint...). I haven't gotten to any of the shaping, but am hoping to make something resembling progress this weekend.

And I wanna say hi to Knitting Virgin (, the first person to comment on my blog :) I feel so loved!


  1. Hi fellow Kansas knitter! I'm in Coffeyville - I teach at the college here. We LOVE going to Lawrence every now and then. I'm originally from KCMO. Nice to make your blog aquaintance

  2. Hi! Thanks for the comment. I am loving Lawrence. I went out today and the leaves are perfect! Campus is so beautiful all year though really. Nice to meet you!

  3. How sweet! :) I LOVE Lawrence too! I'm also a die-hard cross-stitcher, but I have to admit I haven't picked up one project since I started knitting. I'm so impressed that you're working on mittens already!!! I've not got up the guts for that one yet.
    --Knitting Virgin (Christine)