Saturday, November 6

While The Cat's Away

Aparently while the bf's gone I can get some major knitting done. He's playing video games with his friend, so I'm here alone blaring my music and knitting away. There's nothing like some good tunes and some good knitting! I finished the fingers and stuff of my mitten, got all the stupid ends tied in (that's the hardest part for me, how sad is that?), and have started the fold over mitten part (three times lol). It's going pretty good, YAAY! My other projects are being ignored in my excitement to have mittens sometime before spring.

In my non knitting life (yes, I do have one of those), today me and my two favorite men, Jaime and my daddy, went to the KU football game. Poor Jayhawks. The first two minutes were so promising; it was all downhill from there. But I had a great time and now have a lovely sunburn to show for it. Everyone says I look great in red, but I don't think that's what they meant.


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