Wednesday, November 3

Evil Vicki Is Gone...For Now

Sorry for that last post, Evil Vicki took over and wrote. After a few days without knitting (and a little drinking), I'm back and it's going well. I restarted the mitten with smaller dpns (surprisingly the size recommended, but I swear my gauge was right the first time...) and it's working great. I'm almost back to where I stopped with the first one. My mitten is on track and all is right with the world! I've been making some progress on my Squiggle scarf too, but I can tell that I'm going to need more Squiggle and probably some more Encore also. Oh well. I'm also desperate to get some more yarn so I can start a few new things. There's so much great yarn on sale that I HAVE to get some now! I hate being broke :(


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