Sunday, November 28


Well, I haven't been doing much to speak of. I've spent most of today lazing and tweaking my blog. I'm such a perfectionist! I got my Sophie done. I LOVE it. Well, it isn't completely done. I haven't felted it yet (my felting party was a no-go). But I know it's going to be sweet! I got another finger done on my mittens, I'm thinking of skipping the thumb and starting the flap cause I'm not feeling like picking up stitches right now. I even worked on my boring but oh-so-pretty scarf. And I've committed to Wednesdays for x-stitch day. Don't let me slack on that now!

I need a coat. It's now oficially winter weather and I refuse to wear my hideous coat from last year. Yeah, I wore it last winter, but I didn't like it. It's too poofy and I can barely sit down in it. We won't discuss how it is on the bus; I take up about 1.5 seats lol. Not to mention it doesn't match any of my new scarves (or planned scarves). Ok, maybe it wasn't sensible to make and plan scarves/hats/etc. that don't match my current coat, but they're soo pretty. So I've decided to beg my daddy for a coat that will match my scarves, oh and one that fits better too. Yeah, the fit, that's what I'm concerned about. Right...


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