Monday, November 29


After owning the book for six years, trying to start it multiple times, and taking nearly 6 months to read it, I finished Anna Karenina!!! Once you're finished applauding you can read on... I've added a books section to my sidebar, and yes it was partly to flaunt my accomplishment. And I think reading might be cutting into my knitting time for a little while because of the awesome new book I'm reading, but I'll get into that later. So back to Anna. Some parts got pretty slow. Like chapter after chapter discussing farming and politics that I wouldn't have understood then and certainly don't now. But all in all I loved it. The last bit was great, I love Levin's discoveries. It has made the cut and will be a book that I'll keep to read again. I don't keep many books at all after I've read them, but I can tell I'll want to revisit this one to see what else I can discover about it (and if I can beat my 6 month best time).

So the new book is Babyville which is a really nice break from Anna. They are so different! This book is a much faster read for one thing. And it's pretty funny in that completely real way. I stayed up late last night reading it and will probably be going back to it after finishing this post.

This morning I got half way through the thumb on my mitten. They're saying snow (yay!) tomorrow so I'll need it! I just hope I can find an alternative to my chunky coat.

As I mentioned and you can probably see, I've spent some time changing my blog again. I'm finally beginning to know how to work this html stuff, when I started I had no clue. It took me forever (and it didn't help that Blogger wasn't cooperating for a time yesterday), but I like it much better. Now all I need is a stupid digital camera so I can finish my master plan for my blog. Darn January being so far away!

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  1. Anonymous10:34 AM

    Okay, I'm officially jealous now. Anna Karenina has kicked my ass; I gave up halfway through. I loved it, I just couldn't keep reading it... I agree, though, that it is definitely a book you keep to read again. I'm keeping mine, and will someday (I hope) finish the story. Oooooh, I'm jealous! ;)