Wednesday, December 8


Life is so mostly happy! Apparently Jaime is a money genius or something cause he found a few extra bucks. Of course this meant a trip to the LYS. I got the CUTEST sock yarn! It's Lorna's Laces and it's pink and yellow and it's gonna make cute stripey socks, YAAY! And I've officially started my first sock. So far it's just like my mitten (stupid 2x2 ribbing) but I like the colors and I'm nearly done with the exciting ribbing.

I finished my paper, though it was sorta close. I think the paper completely blows, but it's mostly completion anyway from what I've gathered so I'm not too worried. Now just three finals to go and I'm free. I've accepted the fact that I'm getting a B in my behavior class. I keep telling myself that one B over 1.5 years in college isn't bad. I might start believing myself soon.

Back to the socks :)

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  1. In my first two years at KU, I had to come to accept that I was an average student after being above average in high school. I was bummed when I got a "C" in a class, but those were the classes that I always studied hardest in. When I got into my major, I got all "A"'s with one "B". So remember when you get your grades, if you did your best that should be good enough for you. After having been out of school for four years (8 years out of KU), I'm going back to school once again.

    Good luck on your finals.