Sunday, December 12


Had a great day back in JoCo yesterday. I got my brakes replaced, but of course now I need a new tire. Stupid car is never completely happy, but it still works. How's that for positive thinking? :) I got my new pretty cell phone. I LOVE my new pretty cell phone. It doesn't fully work yet (have to call and get the service turned on Monday) but I've already had fun playing around with it. I snuck a picture of Jaime pigging out hehe. He informed me that it's illegal to take pictures of someone without their knowing it. What a silly-head! So I got to spend some time with my daddy in his usual bar and we had some of their pizza (sausage with "lots of onion"). They have the absolute best pizza in the entire universe! Yummm. And when I left he gave me some really tasty peanut brittle. Jaime doesn't like it and neither does my daddy (which is only the tip of the iceberg of ways that they are completely alike, but we won't go there), which just means more for me :)

Then I went to my mom's house. I finally got to have my felting party. Well ok, it wasn't exactly a party; I felted my Sophie. I didn't get to felt my super pretty black hat with fun fur trim (that matches my fun fur scarf) that my mom thinks I made for her. Ooops! I told her how to felt it though and I'm getting over the loss of my hat. At least she really likes it... I dug out the Christmas stuff from my mom's basement too, but I forgot to take it with me. Our apartment is so tiny that we're using this miniature tree with miniature ornaments my mom and I got at Hallmark like 6 years ago. It's cute, but not as Christmassy as I'd like. I'm big on real trees.

It's probably a good thing that I didn't get the tree and stuff because then I'd have another distraction from studying for finals (and I have PLENTY as it is). I should be studying now haha. I'm sure it'll all be ok, and no matter what happens I'm not going to get any grades too terrible, but I'm still stressing. I don't really care about my grades so much, but I'm actually more worried about letting down my family. Ok, I know it's terrible, but I can't help it! I'm seriously obsessed with making other people happy and now that involves getting good grades. I swear, my grandma has my grades from the past year framed!!! Talk about pressure. Jaime is amazing about helping me get over this, but it's so hard. I guess they're bound to realize that I'm not perfect eventually, and now's as good a time as any :)


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