Saturday, December 4

Nothing Much

new here. I keep thinking about writing but I can't think of anything interesting to say. Hmmm. Haven't read much more. I started Persuasion. It's the book I read between classes. Unfortunately, my time between classes has been pretty full with school reading, so I haven't gotten very far in it. I love reading it though; the language and writing style is so great! My scarf is going well. It is getting much faster and I've gotten to where I can read it so I don't have to count to know where I am in the stitch pattern if I get lost. It's still working up pretty S..L..O..W..L..Y, but I still love it. I may finish it eventually. Then I'll have to weave in all those freaking ends though. There are 2 every 2 inches! ICK!

I've spent nearly all day watching movies on tv. First I watched Drive Me Crazy one of my favorite teen movies (yes I'm 20 and still love nearly every teen movie that comes out). Then I saw the end of Final Destination and then Resident Evil. Both of these are really good movies too. I love scary type movies! Then Bourne Identity was on. Man, that was great! I've never seen it before, but now I think we're gonna have to rent the next one. And I really wanna read the book, even though I'm not sure it's really my kind of book, the movie was so good I think I'll have to give it a shot. And now Princess Bride. I haven't seen this movie in like forever. Cary Elwes is soooo hot! And you have to see him in Saw. It's super good. Ok, enough movie reviews...

So Jaime and I are supposed to go to his boss' house next Thursday for dinner. I'm totally nervous. It's going to be the boss and his wife, another asst. manager and his wife who also works there, another asst. manager, Jaime and me. They all know each other already! And of course Jaime's told them everything about me (including the fact that I'm nervous which I'm so mad at him about). I'm soo shy around people that I don't know. I'm excited to meet them cause I've heard a lot about them all, but I'm still nervous. Hmmm, what to wear?

PS-My daddy's getting me a camera phone next weekend. Not a full camera, but enough to get some pictures up here. And enough to stop me from whining about not having a camera every couple posts :)


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