Friday, January 28

I think I must be psychic. When my mom was going to have her surgery a couple of my aunts decided to visit to help and give support. The night before I went to see everyone I started thinking about my Aunt Vicki (my namesake) and Uncle Ted; when I'd seen them last and things like that. The next day, surprise, they showed up at the hospital!! They live in Louisiana and drove all the way here to surprise us. Anyway, last night I had a dream about this guy friend I've known since high school. Who I almost never see even though he goes to KU too (hey, it's a biiiig school). And who do I run into today, him! Which would have been great, cause he's great and I wish I could see him more often, except that the dream wasn't completely platonic. Luckily we were both in a hurry to get to out respective classes, cause an actual conversation would have turned me about 30 shades of red. That always happens to me though, I'll have a dream about someone and then the next day they'll call or I'll run into them out of the blue. Of course, I also an continuously having dreams (like this one) wherein I knowingly cheat on Jaime. It's so odd! Luckily he knows it's just dreams, but he always teases me about it. Am I the only one who has dreams like that???

Sandy mentioned wanting to see some pics of my knitting. I'm totally excited to be able to show off all my stuff. I'll be getting some money next weekend so hopefully I'll be (finally) getting my digi camera.

Well, I'm ready for the weekend. Planning on getting some good knitting done and hopefully a whole bunch of hw. Maybe I just care too much, but the hw this semester has been crazy! I'll be posting my music survey in a few, since my sweet friend Stephanie tagged me. Also, Monday I'll probably post the whole story of Jaime and me. It was cool to know that some people who read my blog met their sweeties online too. Hope everyone has a good weekend.


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