Wednesday, January 26

I'm officially a new Vicki. I've been upgraded. I told Jaime this and he laughed at me. Every semester I do this; I start out all fired up and convinced that this will be the semester. The semester that I do all the assigned readings, get my hw done the night before it's due (not the morning of), not put off writing papers until the night before it's due, go to every class, you know, act like a good student with good grades should. This semester I will actually earn my A's instead of not even trying for them. Every semester I do this, and every semester it lasts maybe a week or two. And so Jaime laughs.

So far I'm doing pretty well. I'm nearly caught up on my readings even though I was totally bombarded with them. Everything is going well. Unfortunately all this being studious doesn't leave much time for blogging. But here I am, risking my good record (5 whole days!!).

So yeah, school's still going good. I only despise one class, which isn't bad really. The rest are pretty cool in at least some aspect. I actually have a test Monday, isn't that crazy? But it's simple stuff that it's hard not to know when you've spent as much time as I have in day cares.

Knitting is having it's ups and downs. I finished my water bottle cozy!! I'm so proud; it's really the first pattern I've altered. It fits and works like a charm. No more getting water bottle sweat all over everything, woohoo :) In sad news, my newest sock attempt is no more. I finally accepted the fact that it was way too big for me (like 1 inch too big, who knows how that happened) and I frogged it out. I now have a really pretty pile of purpley/green/bluish sock yarn squiggles. So since Jaime's been whining I decided to give that yarn a break and start on his socks. They're going to be huge, but I don't have to worry about making them too big. If you've seen his socks you'd understand, he's not picky.

Thanks to my great AKSP for the sweet card. You may not know, but Monday is Jaime and my anniversary (of when we became "an item", there has been no wedding yet but we won't talk about that). On Monday we will have been "together" for 4 years. How crazy!!! I use quotes because we met online and weren't technically together for about half of our first two years. Anywho. What are we doing Monday? Oh probably a whole bunch of nothing! I'll be in class all day (see beg. of post) and Jaime will be catching up on his daytime TV (Maury and judge shows). How romantic!


  1. Hey, here's something funny: I met my guy online too! We met in 2002, and got engaged on my birthday last year (I know, "awww"), and we're getting married next June.

  2. Anonymous7:06 PM

    Happy aniversary! To the new Vicki. :)

    I hope you can get a picture of some of your completed knitting online one day - that would rock.

    Sandy J

  3. Vicki, my husband and I met online too. He found my website because of some obscure band I had posted on my music page. He emailed me and we decided to go on a date. Five months later we were engaged. Two years and three weeks after our first date, we were married.
    Congrats on your anniversary. I love anniversary's even if they are simple and small.