Friday, January 14

Well, I went to the doctor with my mom yesterday. Still no news on test results. They're taking their time getting it sent and clarified and everything, isn't that nice? I mean, it's only someone's life that's in limbo here! Sorry, its just kind of frustrating that they can't send over lab reports in the three weeks since the surgery. So we still don't know what treatments my mom will have to go through. The doctor said everything is looking good and healing well. My mom has three weeks to get back her full range of motion or else she'll have to go into physical therapy. I'm afraid she won't be able to because she can't lift her arm very high yet, but with all the exercises she's supposed to do maybe I'm just being negative.

Last night I finished Babyville. It was SUCH a good book. It showed all sides of babies and motherhood. Which of course makes me want a baby sooooo much. I've never mentioned this little tidbit have I? I adore kids and especially babies and every so often I get this feeling that I want a baby now. It usually follows seeing a particularly adorable kid lol. We won't discuss how ridiculous it would be for me to have a baby now, being a college student with no job in an apartment the size of a small shoebox. So Jaime gets to hear me whine, "I want a baaaaby." every other month or so and then I snap out of it and all is well. I'm so weird!

Now I've started another book, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. At first I wasn't sure about it, but now I'm getting into it. It's really interesting to try to get inside the head of someone who thinks about things like the main character does. He reminds me of one of my favorite characters in AMC :)

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  1. Vicki,
    I'm sorry to hear about the delay on test information. I suppose you could look at it like if it was really bad, they would probably be rushing things through. I'm still sending good vibes your way, though!

    Oh, and definitely keep your readers posted on the Curious Incident... I've been ogling that book for awhile, and would love to know how it is.