Wednesday, January 5

We're having a snow day here in Lawrence. We got lots of rain then ice and a little snow yesterday into this morning so Jaime took the day off of work and we're just hanging out. I LOVE snow days!!

I just talked to my mom and she's still doing great. Of course I'm kinda stuck here cause of the weather but Aunt Vicki and Uncle Ted have been there with her helping out so she's in good hands. I'm hoping that by Friday the roads will be clear enough that I can go see them.

I found out last night that I'll be picking up my excess scholarship money on January 18th. That's less than 2 weeks!!! I'm so excited. Of course I've pretty much planned away the whole thing. I'll finally be getting my digital camera. Jaime's getting half and he's going to be finishing this home made computer he's working on. he actually hasn't started, just bought the actual case. I can't wait till he gets it all bought and put together so I can play The Sims 2. Our current computers aren't powerful enough to run it and I LOVE the original and all it's expansions. And of course I'll be doing some major stash enhancement with my part of the money. I LOVE my living stipend (too bad I don't use it for living expenses lol).

After not knitting for about 5 days I finally got back into the swing of it and am about half way through the second sock of my first pair. I even managed to avoid the hole that plagued me the first time. I'm hoping that by tomorrow night I'll have my first pair of socks finished and ready to go. My family will be amazed, they were astounded by my stockinette stitch fun fur scarf lol. I can't say I didn't like the praise and attention.


  1. Anonymous12:58 PM

    Hi there, I just stumbled onto your blog. I'm so jealous of your snow day! I went to KU in the mid-'90s and I don't think we got a single one. Once, I remember, they canceled classes at 3 p.m., but the 2:30 classes were held as scheduled. That sucked.

    Oh well, enjoy nesting down, and maybe you'll even find some time to knit!

  2. Well, KU isn't having a snow day persay. Classes don't start till the 20th I believe. But it's a snow day for my bf and I'm acting like it's one lol. So far we've only had one day classes were called off after 2 I think. I skipped that day anyway though ;)

  3. I've only done one sock for a sock class. When I was about halfway through my instructor (who's about half as tall as I am and has teeny tiny little feet) realized that she had us all doing them to fit her feet and not ours! So I have one sock that I can't wear, or even pull over my foot (too tight cast on). I keep hoping I'll meet a very skinny one-legged person who needs a sock! ;) I'm going to try again this year, though...(famous last words?)

  4. Anonymous1:09 PM

    I just got the Sims 2 for Christmas, and I'm loving it! I've only gotten the chance to play around one or two times so far, but I definitely forsee a giant time-suck in my future.... and to quote Martha, "it's a good thing." ;) The graphics are much nicer, and the POV "camera" control is awesome, although it takes a while to get used to. Having kids in the game is a hoot. (If you figure how you give a bath to a baby, I would really appreciate that, lol.)

    I meant to say this before I left on vacation, but didn't get the chance, so I wanted to let you know that my heart is with you and your mom. I hope everything turns out for the better - hugs to you both! I know it's tough, but stay strong. :) Best wishes.

  5. Anonymous9:51 AM

    Whoa... was checking your site and realized I never signed the last anonymous post! Ha.