Thursday, February 10

Busy Much?

Oh, I know. I haven't been blogging as much as I'd like. School's been rediculous. Monday I kinda had a breakdown about it. It just felt like there was no way I could do everything I needed to. Luckily the amazing Jaime was on the case and he had me cheered up in (almost) no time. So this week I've been pretty good about doing everything I should and trying to get caught up. I'm almost there too :)

I even gave up knitting for a couple days, but obviously that didn't last long. Expecially when it got super cold and snowed, and I realized that I'm like the only person on campus without and hat or a nice warm wintry scarf (the fun fur one just doesn't quite cut it when it's that cold). Yes, I knit and yet I have no scarf or hat. Two scarves in progress, but none finished. I'm hoping to finish by, oh maybe June. Jaime's huge socks are doing good. They're actually still a little big, but he said it's fine. Which is really good since I'm NOT ripping them back again. I finally got to start the increasey part, I'm still not quite sure how this whole toe-up heel thing goes, expecially since my other socks didn't even have a real heel flap. But I'm good at following instructions if nothing else.

My SP's are continuing to spoil me. I got my Valentine's Day surprise early from my AKSP. Yesterday I was delivered an amazing mug (which hold like two normal cups of coffee) and 2 dark chocolate bars. She obviously knows me already. Mmm, dark chocolate!!! I got a nice e-card from my SP4 too. I have some great ideas for my SP's. I love all this fun gifting!!


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