Friday, February 4

It's Going Around

What a week. I've had this nasty cold all week. Is it just me or is EVERYONE sick? The past three days I've missed class because I have felt so shitty. I've been all over from dizziness to a seriously stuffy nose to a terrible upset stomach. I keep getting up and getting ready for class, debating whether I should go the whole time. And then I step out the door and it hits me harder and I know I can't do it. As if I wasn't already having trouble keeping up. Arrgh! Surely by Monday I'll be ok, either way I CANNOT miss any more classes.

You'd think all this time at home would be great for knitting. Eh. I haven't gotten anything extraordinary done. I've actually spent time with all of my outstanding projects. Jaime's sock was too big so I had to rip back like 3 inches. After my first sock was too small I think I've gotten a complex cause the past two I've tried have been too big. And of course when I ripped his out I wasn't careful and let the kinky yarn tangle so I had to cut out and lose like 2 inches worth of yarn. I tried for like literally hours to untangle it, but it was making me crazy. Jaime felt so bad for me that he promised he'd buy me more yarn if I need it. But at least it's back on track now.

Tomorrow I'm supposed to go out for barbecue with my dad and Jaime, but I don't know if I'll be able to do it. I hope so, Jaime's really excited and he hates trying new restaurants. It helps that my dad and I've been there and gave it rave reviews. Mmmm, barbecue :)


  1. The Knitters Handy book of Patterns has sock instructions for various gauges and sizes. I'm using it for a sock I'm working on for my daughter. Thanks for the comments at my blog. I hope you get to feeling better - plenty of rest, fluids, and chicken soup.

  2. Anonymous4:01 PM

    I hope you feel better soon. I'm getting close on your mom's hat.