Saturday, February 12

My Goodies

Well, it was a good day for knitting at least. After I got my lazy butt out the door at noon (hey it was rainy and I was watching the next to last episode of Endurance) I drove to JoCo. I used up the rest of my gift card from Christmas on the newest IK and VK mags. They look great so far! Even if there aren't any good patterns in them I love reading and looking at the ads. After that I went to Yarn Shop & More and did a little yarn shopping. I never get what I intend to when I go in there. I was going to get some yarn to make this cute bag I found on Faery Crafty's blog. She has a great list of patterns there btw. Well, I couldn't find just what I was looking for (or I found too much and couldn't make a decision) so I ended up with some other random stuff. I got a pair of huge ass 19 needles and another ball of Big Wool to make a hat and scarf set I've been planning for a while. While I was there I peeked in a Rowan pattern book and sorta memorized the pattern for the hat (shhh, don't tell). It was super basic, but I didn't want to think. I also got some pretty purplish Cascade for another (bigger) Sophie and some happy yellow cotton for some dish/facecloths. All in all a good haul. Plus I filled up my card thingy and get $15 store credit next time (I'll be back soon lol). And tonight I was watching some DeGrassi and I got to knitting and actually started and finished the hat. I'm in LOVE with Big Wool and with my cute hat. Next week when I get my camera I swear I'll show you a picture :)

After my shopping I went and visited with my mom. I guess I haven't given any updates on her lately, though mostly just because nothing much had happened. It looks like her breast cancer isn't really an issue anymore. She went to the cancer doctor (can never think of the term) and he was going to suggest a pill, probably someting about hormones because he thought her cancer was hormone receptive, but my mom stopped him and said she "doesn't take pills, not even Advil". Um, ok mom. But I guess he didn't think it was THAT important. So she's having to go to physical therapy once a week because she doesn't yet have full range of motion back in her arms. It is going pretty well. But now there's another problem. We sorta knew about it even before her surgery, but all the tests hadn't been done (and really the tests still haven't been terribly helpful). Basically, she has an enlarged uterus with a really big fibroid and maybe other things wrong but they can't get around the fibroid to check. Anyway, it looks like now she might have to/want to have a hysterectomy. She's of the opinion that she'd rather get everything out now rather than worry about it. She's seeing the doctor Wed. to discuss it, but her mind seems pretty made up and the nurse said that was probably one of the options. So I guess I'll just have to wait and see what happens. She does seem in really good spirits about it all though.

Sorry for the long post. Somedays I have nothing to say and then there are days like this. As I mentioned, the camera is set to arrive next week and I'm EXCITED. Jaime is too, he remembered the reason he'd always wanted a digital camera. Let's just say I won't be sharing any of those pictures ;)


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