Monday, February 14

Lucky Day

Just a quick post. I'm having a kick-ass day. My English presentation went great, I knew almost everything on my curriculum test, I figured out what to do for my IST presentation, and that's just the happy school stuff. Jaime surprised me with a card and a cd. He got me the new(est) Hillary Duff CD which we saw in Walmart a few days ago. The card is hilarious and so him! And he's making me steak tonight. Yuum!

Also, I won one of the millions of prizes on Harlot's blog for her Knitter's Without Borders crusade. I got it today and I Love it. It's a really great pair of needle rolls in black corduroy and hot pink flower fabric. It's so me! Well, I'm off to enjoy this gorgeous day (I was almost hot today, great weather, won't last). Happy Valentine's Day everyone, I hope it's filled with love for you :)


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