Wednesday, March 2

No, Really

So even though I should be studying for this super scary managerial accounting test, I'm here. I had some pictures ready, but now all my pictures are coming up as those fun red x's so I guess I won't bother today. But I do have them :)

I haven't been knitting at all really. Yesterday I worked on Big Sophie a little because I was stressing and bored of reading stupid English stuff and Jaime told me to knit. He obviously understands more than I give him credit for. I'm a little afriad of what it'll look like when it's felted. I'm making it wider, but I only have one skein so it may turn out kind short. But I'm loving knitting it so I don't really care as long as I can carry my cell and keys in it. I may be underestimating how much yarn I have left too.

School's still going. Got two tests back today and got an A on the big one. Barely, but it counts. After I write this stupid essay for Monday I really don't have anything major till after spring break. Yaay! In other school related news, KU's playing the last home game of the year tonight (basketball, obviously). Of course I can't go because I have to study, but I'll be watching! I will admit I'm not as big a fan as I should be and despite having season tickets (which lots of people would kill for) I don't go to every home game. But I try to be a good little jayhawk from time to time. Tonight it's easy since KU's gonna stomp stupid K-State :)

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  1. I can't wait to see photos of your Sophie bag. I've found my felted bags always shrink more lengthwise. Good luck!