Wednesday, March 2


Alright, so it looks like the pictures are working now. So here ya go.

So here's Jaime's first sock. I still haven't woven in the ends. It seems pointless since there's only one. Ok, so it looks pretty much like the other pictures of it, except there's a bit more cuffiness.

And here's the beginning of Big Sophie. I'm not sure whether that's the right color. I have a few pictures where it looks really warm and a few where it looks really cool (vs. warm obviously) and I really can't tell which is closer to the real color. It's a little farther now, but not too much. That's our burgandy couch cover with both our blankies on it. Actually they're both mine, as he gave me his Giants one a long time ago, but he insists it's his. Our apt is too small and we are too broke to have anything match.


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