Wednesday, April 13

"If I Had a Million Dollars..."

Bonus points if you know who did that song.

Knitting has been coming along. I have been working on Jaime's socks when I get the chance, it's still small. I swear I keep knitting and it doesn't grow at all. I actually started working on my Blue 'n' Brown Stripey scarf some more. Nothing like spring weather to make me break out the double layer wool haha. Actually I got a good tip from someone on one of the knitting lists about using a Russian Join. I had to try it and it works soo well. Now I don't have all those ends staring at me as I knit. Much less scary. No pictures as it also looks just like before but with fewer ends and a couple more stripes. Clapotis is looking great. I'm still on the increases, but I'm much more happy with it now. Here's how big it is so far.

And here's a close-up.

Not the best picture... But what is that you see? Why yes, it's a new pretty stitch marker. Ignore the cheapy plastic ones. I finally went to the bead store and got some supplies to make a few stitch markers for myself. I adore them! Unfortunatley I only bought enough to make 4 (sort of a trial). Here are the other two.

Aren't they pretty! And they had sooo much other cool stuff there. This is where we get to the title of this post. I'm dying for some new craft supplies! I need some new wire cutters and pliers and such. I need some more stitch marker supplies now (I used closed jump rings and head pins if anyone's curious). And then there's the yarn. Ahhh the yarn. And there are so many fun classes I'd like to take to learn more about knitting, jewelry making, scrapbooking, crocheting. Not enough money in the bank or hours in the day.

Luckily I have great friends who will treat me with stuff and make me feel better. I got this in the mail from Cathi. I traded her some yarn for her extra copy of Stitch 'N Bitch. She sweetly included some other goodies.

The other books is Knitticisms and it's really fun. It has some great vintage type knitting pictures in it and some funny little stories by knitters on our obsession. And there was a great card and one of those little "LUV @ BLOG" posty-note pads that so many people have now. I've already used it a couple times. Thanks Cathi!!

Yesterday I took my mom to the gynocological oncologist. We were there for a couple hours, but it went pretty well. My mom has a couple options for treatment. Aparently the information she was getting wasn't necessarily factual. I don't know if she'll decide to go with a treatment, she's kind of anti-medicine and paranoid about side effects and such. After the appointment (and getting up really early to make it there in time) I was supposed to go to class, but I kinda gave up on that after being there 2 hours. So afterwards my mom and I went to Whole Foods Market for some lunch. They have some pretty neat stuff in the grocery section; I'm not thrilled by their hot meals selection, but my mom loves it. The lady behind the lunch counter knew my mom and asked how her surgery had gone, it was so sweet! After lunch we went back to my mom's house and talked some before I headed hom. It was a really nice day. I didn't miss class at all haha.

And speaking of school, I finally took a few pics today (once the sun decided to come out). Here's the view from our appt straight out.

It's Memorial Stadium where the football team plays. It's directly across the street from us, which bugs Jaime to death. I sorta like being so close to the action. Here's the view from our appt up towards campus.

You can see the Campanile (the tower) which everyone walks through during graduation on their way down the hill and into the stadium. Superstition says if you walk through before that you won't graduate. Here's a picture of the building I spend most of my time in, Summerfield Hall.

It houses the Business School and the Economics Department. So I gues it sorta makes sense that it's about the most boring building on campus. Not the ugliest mind you, I'll show you that one next time. This is the view up another large hill on campus from across from Summerfield (another reason to hate the building, too much walking up and down hills).

Not the best picture, but you can see the tops of some buildings and some trees that aren't quite green yet. And this is one of the prettier trees on campus (as well as the remaining tulips), next to the Physical Education Building.

I would have had some great pictures of tulips, they were all over campus. Key word "WERE". The grounds people were ripping them all out today to rotate to another type of flower. It amazes me that they do this. They planted them probably a month ago, they were amazing for like a week, and now they're being ripped out. Craziness! So that was part one of your tour. Next time I'll get some pictures of the the main campus road and buildgins, as well as maybe a few of the amazing Greek houses. Those houses are enough to make me want to rush (ok, I'm secretly desperate to be in a sorority, don't tell).

Have a great day everyone!


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