Saturday, April 9

Saturday Night

Yep, I'm a wild woman. It's Saturday night, I don't have anything I should be doing, and I'm watching tv and blogging. No college parties for me tonight. I was supposed to enjoy a nice evening with Jaime, but he passed out before 9!! He's had a long week at work (overtime...yes!) so I can't completely blame him. We were supposed to go to his friend's house for a birthday cookout, but he was too tired. Oh well. I went to see my mom today and she's doing just well enough to make me crazy. She can walk around the house and find chores for me to do, but can't actually do anything. I love her and know I need to help out, but she has to have everything done just a certain way (hmmm, wonder where I got that from). Tuesday I have to get up really early (7 AM) to take her to the cancer doctor. Why can't I ever think of the word for that? But that should be interesting as I'm really curious what she'll say.

Knitting has been coming along. I restarted Clapotis with 4's this time and it's looking better. I also reverted to the original pattern. I was doing some fun stuff with purling the stitches to be dropped so I wouldn't need markers and ptbl on the two stitches around the one to be dropped when I'm on the wrong side (did all that make sense?), but they were giving me almost ladders so I gave up and decided that regular pattern was good enough for me. Except that I'm running out of small stitch markers. I'll make do with the bigger ones I guess. I'm still knitting away on Jaime's second sock. It takes sooo long to get any progress on it. But he'd getting excited to get them. And I'm excited to finish my worsted socks before it gets too hot here and to start some for my mom for Mother's Day. It's getting so close!!

I'm going to see my endocrinologist in a week so I have to go get blood drawn Monday. I love watching them do that sort of thing. I used to watch Operation on TLC (before they turned into the Dating/Wedding/Baby Story channel) where they'd show an entire operation with the blood and everything and my uncle said I'd either be a doctor or a butcher. Well, neither looks to be in my future, but I still enjoy watching. I'm hoping he'll have some idea why I have such a hard time getting to sleep at night. Some nights I lay awake for an hour or more just trying to get to bed. My mind won't stop...Sometimes I think about stuff I'm stressing over, but other times it's just random stuff. It's so annoying. And maybe he'll make me feel so guilty about not taking my meds regularly enough that I'll get back into it. They really help, but I'm such a klutz about remembering. And if I haven't taken them for like a week and I start again my stomach hurts all day.

Anyway, I've ranted enough for tonight. I'll just go back to blog surfing. I'll try to get some pics for tomorrow or Monday. I got some great stuff from Cathi in a trade. Maybe I'll even sneak in a couple springtime Lawrence and KU pics :)


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