Tuesday, April 26

So Close

That's how Jaime's sock is right now. I finally finisehd the heel and now there's 19 rounds of stockinette and a couple of ribbing and it's done. He's decided he won't wear them to work, which I'm not sure whether I'm happy about of not. He's at work all the time, so that's when he wears socks most of the time. But it's nice that he wants to save them for special occasions, I have clothes like that. I could wear them anytime, but they're so nice they feel wasted on a rainy day (I'm nuts, what can I say?). And if he doesn't wear them to work they won't stink and won't wear out as quickly.

I have a bunch of pictures of new yarn to show you, but the pictures are stranded on my camera and I'm lazy. Soon though! Speaking of new yarn, this morning I was honored to act as a tester for Kristine and her baby, the soon to open Knit Happens Online Store. I ordered some fun stuff from them too. Now I just have to get through the next few weeks and maybe I'll get a chance to knit with some of my yummy yarn.

I got an email yesterday and I didn't get the job I was hoping for. I'm disappointed, and got a little upset yesterday, but I'm almost over it now. When I'm rejected for a job I go through the phase where I analyze everything they know about me and what I could have done/said wrong. Then I get bitchy and decide it's their loss and should send them a really nasty email telling them so. I'm at that stage now, but I promise I won't actually email them lol. Eventually I'll move on. Now I just really don't know what I'll do this summer. I got away without a job last summer, and frankly I'd LOVE to take the summer and just hang out knitting and reading and such. But I feel guilty that Jaime has to support lazy-ass me. I know that once I'm out of school I'll be making more than him, and it's just part of a relationship, but I still feel sorta bad. The problem is that there's nothing else I really want to do. I'm mot big on traditional part time jobs. And I am convinced that no one will hire me since I haven't worked for 2 years. Alright, I'll stop boring you.

I have a paper due Thursday and I'm sorta worried about it. I finally started getting some sources together today. So you know where I'll be tomorrow night. Just do me a favor and nobody email me or post to their blogs between then and now, I don't need any more distractions :)


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