Sunday, May 1

So Much Yarn

Before anything else, thank you all for your kind thoughts on the job I was hoping for. I loved Barbara's comment the best, like the book, they just weren't that into me. Jaime's being great and isn't pushing the job thing (though my dad sorta is), so I'm not too motivated to look. Although I could sure use the stash funding.

Now for the fun yarn stuff. Now for anyone who might be tempted by this (I would be if I saw it on someone else's blog...), keep in mind this was over like a month. And it more than doubled my stash. Sad huh? So here is the yarn I bought first, for Soleil once the needle I need is freed up.

I have 9 of them now, but I'll be needing more because I want to add sleeves. This next one is the yarn I'm using for my Shapely Tee. I only have 3 of the main color, and I'm already on the second. So I'll be scraping together some money for more of this soon also.

Here's a progress shot. I'm LOVING it. My first sweater :) There were some short row wrap issues, but I got it figured out.

I also finally picked up Harlot's book, At Knit's End. Happy times. And for my last purchase, some beautiful alpaca lace weight from Knit Happens. It so soft and fun, but I have no idea what to make with it, any ideas?

Ok, so that's a ton of pictures. Sometime soon (I've learned better than to promise it'll be tomorrow) I'll post some pictures of Jaime's sock (not too interesting anyway), my tragic loss, and some great stuff from my AKSP.

I finished my paper last week, and despite the fact that I put off my research paper until the day before it was due, I think it was pretty good. I have an English research paper due this Friday that is worrying me a little bit more, but I always seem to pull it off. There are only two week of classes left before finals. Yaay!

Yesterday Jaime and I went out for some tasty Chinese (my dad swears I must be part Chinese) and then off The Largest Outlet Mall in Kansas. It was so much cooler when it first opened. Jaime got a new belt and two cute pairs of boxers from here. They have really funny boxers that say things like "blow here" on the fly. They really freak my mom out when she does the laundry hehe. I got some Dippin' Dots and some German Roasted Almonds. Mmm. I somehow made it past the chocolate shop with white chocolate haystacks and truffles and such. Double Mmmm. It was a fun day :)


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