Thursday, June 16

Branching Out

So this blogging thing is becoming a weekly thing. I guess I'll give up feeling bad about it and just go with it. I really don't do enough of anything each day to merit a post. In fact, in the past 4 days I haven't knit at all. I know, the horror! For some reason I'm just a little uninspired by my current projects and being the anal person that I am, I refuse to start something new until I finish something (I may break this rule soon). And of course that meant that my blog reading suffered too. Bloglines says I'm behind by about 90 posts, eek!

So what have I been filling my time with? I did get a few days of work in on my cross stitch, the one that I'm supposedly working on but haven't touched in months. I actually really got into it. I think cross stitching is the only thing slower than knitting, which is both good and bad. I'm sure we all can relate to the pros and cons of a project taking FOREVER. Yesterday I stopped by the lys and picked up a book and a single ball of yarn to try something new. Brace yourself...I'm learning to crochet. I've wanted to for a month or so now, but couldn't decide on a book or anything. Well while I was browsing the lys I came upon a really cute bag, and on the tag it mentioned that it was the project for the beginning crochet class using the book by Sue Whiting. If it's good enough for the class I'm sure it's good enough for me, so I picked it up. I almost got the crochet book by Maggie Righetti, as I really like her, but the pictures weren't all that clear to me. So I spent all day yesterday making little swatches of crochet. I'm so loving it!! I'm using some Cotton Classic and the swatches are beautiful. I can't wait to get back to get the yarn for the bag I'm going to make.

Monday I went with my dad for "old fashioned job hunting". He figured we do what he did when he was a kid, 40 years ago. That being, go through the ads in the paper and circle everything at all interesting, then go there and fill out an application and talk to someone then and there. Hahaha. Anyone who's looking for a job or who has looked in the past 5 years knows that this isn't how it's done anymore for the most part. I circled probably 25 jobs, but only 4 gave an address at all. It was all "Fax your resume here..." or "Email your resume here..." My dad couldn't believe it. He doesn't trust email or computer applications. Of course, it still took all day, but I felt like it was a little victory for us younguns. I did apply at a really nice retirement home as a receptionist, and I'd really like to get the job. Everyone was very nice and it almost fits my school schedule. The woman interviewing me said I sounded good for the job (Do they say that to everyone??) and will pick by Friday. I'm not getting my hopes up too much, but it'd be nice. It's kind of funny, my parents are convinced that I NEED a job, and some yarn money wouldn't be bad, but Jaime and I are kinda like whatever. We may not be rich, but we make it through. I'm thinking I'll probably end up at the grocery store down the street from our NEW APARTMENT. At least they can work around my school schedule.

I really will make that one circ photo show sometime soon. Well, I'm off into blogland...


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