Tuesday, June 7

Where Have I Been?

I know, I just completely deserted you all. I had these big plans to post all these pictures of me starting my second sock so I could try to show the one circ thing. I had topics planned and stuff. Well, it all started with a call from Jaime's Grandma. Now just so you completely understand, Jaime's Grandma is the one. The one I have trouble not competing with. She's by far the most important person in his life (myself excluded). It took me a while to stop being jealous of their bond, especially as I have never had that close a relationship with my Grandma. So, Sunday she calls and says she's shipped two packages that'll be here Tuesday or Wednesday. Jaime's going nuts trying to figure out what they could be. She just sent like 10 pounds of his favorite hot dogs (apparently Kansas doesn't have gourmet Hummel Bros. hot dogs like CT does), and he thinks maybe she went ahead and sent some of his fave hot dog buns too (ditto with hot dog buns I guess). Tuesday nothing arrives so we figure it'll be Wed. Wednesday morning Jaime gets up and I hear him checking a message on the phone. Oh, by the way, his grandparents drove the 24 hours straight from CT to visit us!! It was so great to see them as we haven't in over 2 years now. Since I gave up feeling jealous of his grandparents, I've fallen in love with them. They completely consider me a grandkid just like Jaime and it's so nice. We spent all last week with them. We went out for some great food and gave a few tours of town (when it wasn't nasty and rainy). And there went my plans. They're now safely back home in CT, and we miss them already.

Oh, and I just found out this morning that we got the apartment that we were looking at, our first choice. You wouldn't know much about it, since we saw it for the first time last week, but it's great! It's like literally 3 blocks from Jaime's work and right by a highway into Lawrence for my commutes to school. It has two bedrooms and a full sized stove/oven (hey, that's a luxury for us now). We gained over 200 square feet for just $45 (or 35 if you consider the rent increase they tried to pull here). And, a sparkly pool. For some reason pools have looked particularly tempting this year. Maybe because I haven't even owned a swimsuit in two summers. Oh yes, I will swim this summer. And it's even better after last years apartment fiasco. We applied to two places here in Lawrence and both said that because of our credit we could have the apt. but would have to pay a ridiculous deposit and extra for rent each month. Not so much!

I haven't gotten a terrible amount of knitting done. My second sock is still on the cuff, clap is maybe three rows farther than it was last week. I dragged out my squiggle scarf, but it hasn't seen much action either. Now that things are back to "normal", there will be more knitting though, never fear.

I'll try to get the one circ demo ready soon. Until then, I'll leave you with the gift my AKSP sent me last week. I can't decide what to do with this cool yarn, any ideas?


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