Thursday, June 23

We've Hit A Snag

Now that I got that last post figured out, we can move on.

So as I mentioned, I've kinda been sucked into crochet lately. I was doing so well, kicking ass on this bag. And now not so much. I had to switch from the stitch pattern I was really getting into to this other one that is now kicking my ass. I get that I have to do this whole chainy thing at the beg. of each row, but I'm messing it up somehow cause my rows keep getting shorter and shorter. And I can't figure out at all why! I've tried looking online, but no one says anything about this whole turning chain shit. Uggh! It was going so well...

Here it is a couple days ago. Imagine it longer, with two blue stripes, and the top ripped out about 5 times already. Oh, and pretend it is the real color as if I knew how to take a freaking picture.

But for what it's worth my utter frustration with crochet has drawn me back to knitting again. I'll be picking my sock back up again after this post.

And for a non-fibery project, here's the card I made my dad for Father's Day.

We went out to this amazing Italian restaurant and had a great dinner. And then the big goof gave me money. On his Poppa's Day! Isn't he terrible? My daddy's the best ever. I mean, he has his faults, I won't pretend he doesn't, but he loves me. Sometimes it's hard for me to talk to him, and we don't talk about serious stuff very much, but he is always there for me. I'm having some issues with my mom and he's being totally supportive and really looking out for my best interests. So like I said, he's the best. And I'm more like him than either of us wants to admit. (On a side note, Jaime is so like him it's a little disturbing and makes me wonder just how many psychological issues I have.)

And finally a quick hi to a new friend, Michele. She has a new blog and I'm so excited to have met her. Go check out her blog and give a new blogger some encouragement. She is obviously an amazing knitter, look at that scarf!

Have a great day :)


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