Thursday, July 21

Happy Birthday, Pookie!

Today is Jaime's birthday. He's now 25. And no, I can't stop teasing him for a second about being old. The "You're nearly 30!" comments have been non-stop for weeks. I know, I'm bad. I wish I could do more for him for his birthday. I love birthdays and making a big deal of them. Unfortunately with everything going on there isn't too much extra for partying. The move, once and if we survive it, will be a pretty good gift. And he is thinking of getting a computer part for his newest creation.

Jaime, he's a guy. Through and through. There's no end to the video games, sports, porn, food, computers, etc. His biggest accomplishment this year has been a computer he's put together from scratch (well, as from scratch as computers come I guess). He bought all the parts and installed them. And it works! Here's a picture of the side of it. He's awfully proud.

I don't even want to think about how much he put into that thing. The cost wasn't bad. It's a top of the line computer, one that will play the newest games and everything, and it only cost about $600 for everything. But I mean he used to spend 2 hours at a time picking out the perfect something-or-other. The time investment was immense. He's now picking out a dvd-r drive for it.

He second biggest accomplishment was this, created lovingly by hand a few nights ago. Oh, and it's all gone by now (I have a feeling there will be another in the near future).

That boy and his sandwiches.

So happy birthday, Sweetie. You make me nuts about 85% of the time, but I wouldn't change it for anything. Old man!!


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