Friday, September 30

Nothing Much To Report

I finally got around to updating my sidebar and projects pages, including a sb page I finished a while ago but never bothered to post to Two Peas. Of course that reminded me that I have another lo from about forever ago that I haven't taken a pic of yet. Someday I'll get around to it. And recently I've actually been reading, so I added the new book I'm working on, A Stranger is Watching by Mary Higgins Clark. Nothing like a good mystery!

Yesterday I went out to breakfast with my dad cause I needed a little money for a school thing and I had the morning off from my regular elementary school visit. It was really nice to just have some time to talk. I'm thinking maybe we should make that a more regular occurrence since he doesn't work till like 3 and I have Fridays off. We went to this little diner we've been going to forever. I love it there. I can walk in after not going there for 2 years, and the waitress knows that for breakfast I want a Sprite. Plus they have some great food. Mmmm, country fried steak and eggs...

Other than that I've been knitting and hanging out. I'm getting hooked on the new Apprentice shows (both of course). And I watch 7th Heaven and Gilmore Girls when I remember to. Other than that I try to stay away from the tv. I know that I could plop down and watch tv for hours and hours at a time if I let myself. Plus Jaime gets huffy if he can't watch his cartoons or old 70's shows.

The weather FINALLY cooled off this week, but of course it might hit 90 again next week.October in Kansas: one of the only months when it's not at all out of the ordinary to hit 90 degrees and snow in the same month. But that means I'm really starting to think about my winter outdoor wardrobe. I still have a couple scarves and the good ole clappy waiting for some attention. And I really should dive in to a sweater of some sort, if I ever get some money. Ahh, fall. I've missed you so.


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