Tuesday, September 27

There She Goes Again

Just when I think that I couldn't possibly find something else to fill my free time (like I have that much anyway)...

Those are my first attempts at spinning. I'm. In. Love. Sunday I went to an all day beginning spinning class at the Yarn Barn in Lawrence. So much fun! And I came home with some actual yarn which I can't wait to use. Not sure what I can use it for really, my skein there at the top is the only one plied and it's 56 yards I believe. Here's a close up.

Of course I also came home with a drop spindle, an issue of Spin Off, some pretty colored roving, and a catalog of spinning wheels. Yeah, like that'll ever happen. Someday though...

I've been practicing some on the drop spindle since Sunday. Not quite as fun as using a wheel, but still sooo nice. I think I might be getting better, although I'm still struggling. Here's what I got out of the extra white I took home from my class supplies.

So that's what I've been up to. There has also been some non-photo-worthy progress on the sock and the baby sweater. And a huge scary Financial Accounting III test was taken Monday. Cross your fingers for a good grade for me :)


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