Monday, September 19

So Much Time, So Little To Blog

Wait, switch that. Yes, it's been a little while. And I'm going to attempt to catch you up on my oh-so-exciting life a little at a time. Of course, my birthday fun comes first.

I sorta maybe decided to take a week off for my birthday. Well, it was really only 3 days. And I paid for it big time with make up stuff, so I don't wanna hear it. So Thursday the real celebration began. My dad took Jaime and I out to Outback. GOD I love that place. There was a time when I wouldn't touch a piece of steak. I think I could live on their filet. It's so good it doesn't need steak sauce, and I'm a huge steak sauce girl. And the bloomin' onion...Sorry, where was I? Right. So my dad gave me some b-day money, as did my mom earlier that day. Yaay for b-day money (just wish I had some left). When we got home and had a chance to get a bit less stuffed, Jaime presented me with a nice homemade* cake. Here it is lit. And just for the heck of it, a hideous and therefore reduced picture of me with the cake.

If you really must, you can click to see it big, as always. It was really humid that day. Jaime got me a compy game I've wanted for about ever, Sims 2**, and two CD's, the newest Faith Hill and Sugarland. I later bought myself the CD containing my birthday theme song. (Link is the music video. It has a commercial before it, but it's soo worth it IMHO)

So Friday was my first "official" trip to a liquor store. Nothing too special. For the record, my second trip was Saturday (a week later, not the next day sillies!) and I wasn't even carded. That takes most of the fun out of it. Ah well.

And Saturday was the real treat. My first casino trip. Well, besides for the awesome buffet haha. SO MUCH FUN! And I kinda kicked butt if I do say so myself. I even played at a real blackjack table, even Jaime didn't have the nuts to try it. Of course I stood and watched for like 10 minutes before I got up the nerve. Must go back :)

So that was pretty much it for the festivities. I'll be back tomorrow (for real!) with some more catch up.

*Hey, it's still homemade if it comes from a box!
** I LOVE it! Of course, due to my general business, he's played it more then me.


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