Wednesday, October 19

Random Much?

Another exciting day! Ok, so not really. Nothing much happened. I told a couple of my friends about my tax grade and now they want to study together, big surprise. I really don't mind as they're really nice, but it's hard not to feel like maybe they're just using me a tad bit. But if nothing else at least it will force my butt to study. Which is what I should be doing now. Ah well.

I actually think I might apply to be TA in the "Organizational Management" class next semester. The teacher seems pretty impressed with me and he knows my name so maybe that'll give me an advantage. Most people can't stand him as a teacher but I really like him. Of course not as much as my HS history teacher. YUM! Did I mention I seriously have a thing for older guys? Hehe.

Speaking of next semester, I've been giving myself serious headaches deciding what I should do with the rest of my time at school. Basically, I can work my ass off and get two degrees, or I can seriously slack and get the one that I'm really going for. I'm planning on going to "drop in advising" sometime, but when I went today there was an hour wait. Like I have nothing else to do. I don't know how much they'll help anyway. Last time I talked to someone about double majoring and they told me that I probably couldn't handle it. And that was when my second major was going to be Early Childhood (now I'm considering finance). I'm not like bragging or anything, and if you know me at all you know that I have A LOT of trouble talking myself up, but if anyone can handle a double major it's me. But I'm hoping at least they can let me know if there's a big advantage to having accounting and finance over just accounting.

Are you bored by school talk yet? I am! It's finally starting to look like fall and I LOVE IT! This is hands down my favorite time of year, I just wish it lasted a bit longer. It has been a little warm, but we had a nice cooldown while I was in class today and now it's just right. A little wet, but perfect just the same. The leaves are starting to turn and are just beautiful. I tried to snap some pictures while making the drive to school, but even with the cruise control on I couldn't get anything decent. And I wanted to make it home and all.

Ok, so I'm off to study some like a good girl. I made it to the gym today and tomorrow's one of my days off. So far so good. Have a great one!


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