Monday, October 17

Week + In Review

Just the facts ma'am.

10-6: Went to mom's to sort stuff out for the garage sale. Found a bunch of junk to get rid of. Brought home my long ignored bread maker. Bread making has been scheduled.

10-7 and 10-8:Held wildly successful garage sale despite initial difficulties. Painted a beautiful sign directing traffic to garage sale. Sign was stolen. The nerve! Made new sign from scrap, which didn't want to stay in an upright position. After 4 trips to the end of the block to stand up said sign, got brilliant idea to tape to stop sign (duh). Made $145 for myself and $80 for my mom. Yaay garage sales!

10-11: Biggest, scariest test ever in tax class. Consider that for a second, a whole class learning tax law. Pity me. Studied for a bit over 6 hours in one day, personal record for studying for one test. (I don't do studying). Test from 8-10 PM. Takes 45 minutes to get home from school...

10-12: Operations Management test. Didn't study more than 20 minutes before the class. I still don't know exactly what operations management is...

10-13: Fall break begins. Much drinking of vodka to forget aforementioned tests.

10-14: Did laundry. Applied and interviewed for job. Not sure I want it anyway. Got happy gift from AKSP and stitch markers from swap. Love mail!

10-15: Got oil changed by fave almost uncle. Had fave pizza in whole world. Finally finished f'ing sockapaltwoza socks. Have sworn off all deadline knitting for others for a bit. (I love the exchange, but life is nuts and I wanna knit for me damn it!) Strangely enough, also received my socks. They make me happy.

10-16: Had a disagreement with mom. She makes me crazy. And it really wasn't my fault either. Ugh, parents!

10-17: Got back test results. Kicked major ass!! Got highest score in entire tax class, 95%. Got 90% in OM despite lack of studying or motivation. Try to hide scores so friends in class don't hate me for all that worrying I was doing about my grade (oops!). Mom called and didn't exactly apologize, but we're talking now at least.

Have some pictures.

My socks:

Socks on me (ignore pale hairy legs, it's nearly winter...):

Sock pal's socks blocking:


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